What Are the Things to Consider When Buying Swimwear for Men?

What Are the Things to Consider When Buying Swimwear for Men?

Posted by Europann on Oct 27th 2022

Do you find it challenging to choose appropriate swimwear being a man? Do various types of swimwear available in the market confuse you? The different types of swimwear are designed to serve various needs. Depending on such requirements, you will be able to choose the right swimwear for yourself. Even the simplest garments consist of variations in terms of design, fabric, purpose, and appearance.

Once you figure out which style, design, or material is right for you and suits your body shape, that swimwear will help you boost your confidence by the poolside or at the beach in Saint Tropez. Speaking of Saint Tropez, do you know some sellers are providing Saint Tropez-inspired printed swimwear? Their prints and designs are inspired by the freshness and fun vibe of Saint Tropez. They give the perfect beach vacation vibe with ample color options ranging from vibrant to subtle ones. While you can never go wrong by choosing saint Tropez-inspired printed swimwear, let’s move on to other available types of swimwear to help you make the best choice.

What are the available swimwear options for men?

The four main categories of swimwear for men include jammers, aqua shorts, briefs, and watersports or swim shorts. There is a lot more to consider than just the shape of swimwear for men. For instance, modern swim shorts are being manufactured with the latest chlorine-resistant fabrics to prevent degradation from frequent pool visits. There is swimwear made of four-way stretch fabrics and even UV protection fabrics for hot days at the beach.

Men’s swimwear comes in various fits, compression levels, and purposes. For instance, performance swimmers often choose flat seams to reduce drag in the water. Their shorts act more like a second skin through the swim stroke.

Here are a few more details on the types of men’s swimwear:


Jammers are substantially chosen by professional athletes and competitive enthusiasts, owing to their design features such as having knee length and close fitted. Jammers are designed with good compression qualities to aid performance in the pool.


Briefs are a classic men’s swimwear design that minimizes drag in the water. They are also chosen as performance wear for racing and competing. They tend to be closely fitted, with minimal fabric, and are generally suitable for those below average height.

Aqua shorts

Aqua shorts are a perfect combination of jammers and briefs, which provides little more coverage than briefs, yet less drag, compared to jammers. If you are under average height and looking for more coverage with sufficient compression, then aqua shorts would be the right choice for you.

Swim shorts

Finally, the most commonly chosen swimwear among men, swim shorts or water shorts, are the first choices of leisure swimmers. Their properties, such as quick drying and comfortable fabric with lively prints, make them an ideal choice for beach vacations.

Final Words

Various factors go into the selection of suitable swimwear for men depending on the purpose, occasion, and comfort level. By now, you must have understood which swimwear would be the most appropriate for you. Explore your options for swimwear and the styles, designs, and prints available in the market.