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How Men Should Match Shirts with Cotton Pants?

How Men Should Match Shirts with Cotton Pants?

Posted by Europann on Oct 31st 2022

Cotton pants for men are a versatile option. They are available in different colors, unlike denim jeans and other men’s pants, and can be worn both formally and informally. In other words, your wardrobe is complete if there are cotton pants in it; you might not need jeans for casual outings or other pant options.

To look the best with cotton pants, you should match them up with the right shirts. You can wear t-shirts as well but shirts look better with cotton pants for men. Many people pick shirts randomly and create a fashion disaster. Unfortunately, with their dressing styles, they don’t look applicable for professional or personal visits.

In this post, we will discuss tips to match shirts with your cotton pants.

Know the basics of matching colors

There are different ways to match the colors of shirts and cotton pants. Simply, you can opt for like-colored shirts and pants, meaning the color of the shirt and pants should exactly be the same. For example, you should wear an olive green shirt with olive green cotton pants. There shouldn’t be the slightest difference in the color shade. You shouldn’t match two different colors, even if they are in the same general color group.

Another thing to know for matching colors is how to make them contrast with each other. Contrasting colors create a perfect match; you just have to do it right.

A simple rule for contrasting colors is that opposite attracts. You shouldn’t just pick two different shades and throw them on. With a light-colored shirt, you wear darker cotton pants. For example, pair a white shirt with brown cotton pants. Another way is to wear a darker shirt with a lighter pair of pants. Making a contrasting pair doesn’t require much effort or time.

Know the patterns

After color come the patterns of the shirts and cotton pants. This is a bit more complicated than pairing colors.

If you are planning to wear a plaid shirt, pair it with much more simple cotton pants. But, don’t forget the color combination. To get more people’s attention, you should wear a solid-colored plaid shirt with light-colored simple cotton pants. You can even try plaid cotton pants with a simple, plain shirt. But, the things is you shouldn’t overboard yourself with plaid garments.

Another popular pattern is stripes. Here, you can wear both striped pants and shirts. But, make sure you wear them properly. If both have stripes, they should go in the same direction. For example, vertical stripes in shirts as well as cotton pants. Even the color and width of the stripes should be the same.

Most importantly, you should avoid horizontal stripes.

These are the two important factors to consider for matching shirts with cotton pants for men. Just pick your favorite-colored cotton pant and match them with the right shirt, considering the factors discussed above.