Can I Wear Short Bermuda Pants To Office?

Posted by europann on May 25th 2022

Can I Wear Short Bermuda Pants To Office?

When you enter your office wearing short bermuda pants, others might laugh at you. Not because you would be looking funny wearing shorts to the office but it will be something new for them that they won’t be able to digest immediately. So. you shouldn’t care about the others’ laughing; instead, you should walk in and slay your style confidently.

The problem is when you don’t carry the short bermuda pants properly in the office. Though it's casual wear, you should keep it professional with the best styling. The overall look and your behavior should be professional to justify your attire.

As things are changing, the organizations are changing along with that. So, we don’t think you would have any problem. If you are still doubtful, check the dress code and as well as reconfirm from HR. You can even explain your attire to convince the management.

If things aren’t in your favor, you should wear the short bermuda shorts on some special days in your office. We are sure no one in your office will have any problem.

How should you keep your look professional with short bermuda pants?

The right type of pants

Your short bermuda pants should be a shorter version of your long pants. Other than the length, nothing should be changed if you are wearing it to the office. Avoid picking bright colors and wear professional colors like black, brown, blue, and gray. The shorts should just hit above your knees and more than that.

The right short bermuda pants mean no cargo pockets out. The pockets should be formal and not more than a standard number. Also, the bottoms shouldn’t be frayed.

The collared shirt

It’s a very well-known fact that offices prefer collars. They don’t allow round, oval, v, or any other neck designs. So, you should pair your short bermuda pants with a collared shirt. Though t-shirts look great on shorts, you should avoid them in the office.

Still, something is missing. To give yourself a perfect professional look, you should tuck the shirt into your pants. Without tucking, it will give a very casual look that others won’t like. Tucking adds elegance to the overall attire. To make it more perfect, you should wear a light cardigan or a jacket.

The right footwear

Oh!! Without the right footwear, your look isn’t complete. Just like you take care of shoes with a suit and ties, you should be careful about the footwear with the short bermuda pants. The best footwear to pair up with short bermuda pants is a pair of loafers. Make sure your loafers are of leather and suede only.

When choosing footwear, you should avoid sneakers. Just like t-shirts, the sneakers give a casual look. They will reduce professionalism in your attire.

Short bermuda pants are perfect for summer. It keeps you comfortable and focused in the workplace. So, you should style yourself properly with short bermuda pants so that nothing goes against you in the office. 

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