Are Linen Shirts Good For Summer?

Apr 6th 2022

Summer months are here and people are on their toes to shop for summer clothing. It's because the wardrobe seems empty after removing winter clothing.

Shopping for summer clothes is more challenging than winter clothes. In winters, you can wear anything that would cover you completely and protect you from cold winds. But, in summers, it’s not possible. You cannot wear clothes that radiate heat and lead to excessive sweating. These types of clothes are comfortable as well as not good for the human body.

Options are multiple for summer clothing but some misconceptions and confusions prevent people from using them all. One such confusion is with a male population about linen shirts. According to them, linen shirts are not good for summer. They won’t feel comfortable wearing them. But, the fact is linen shirts are one of the best options for the summer months. We will explain why and how.

Linen shirts in summer

A lot has changed in the linen fabric. Years ago, this material was not preferred by designers due to multiple reasons. But, today, they are using it for designing different garments, that too for the summer season.

You should wear linen shirts in summer because the fabric is soft and breathable. The Composition of linen keeps it away from the skin which allows better airflow over the body. Another reason why linen doesn’t stick to the body is its rigidity. Also, the high air permeability allows easy flow of the air in the summer season and helps the body breathe.

Whether you are going for a casual outing, formal meeting, or going to the beach, the linen shirt will be the best option. You will be comfortable and not get irritated because of excessive heat.

Are all linen shirts the same?

The look of all the linen shirts seems the same. But actually, they are not. The quality of the linen shirt depends on the composition of the fabric and where it is grown. You can find these details on the inner tag of the linen shirts. When you buy linen cotton shirts online, the details are mentioned in the product description.

The plant from which linen is derived is grown almost everywhere in the world. The geographical areas bring the difference. For example, the linen plant grown in Western Europe is considered to be the best because of the climate and geo-specific bacteria within that region. On the other hand, the US, which is a heavy producer, produces coarser grade linen that is mostly used for upholstery. You won’t find linen shirts with US produce.

Does the color of the linen shirts matter in the summer shirt?

Generally, people prefer wearing light and natural shades in the summer months because they don’t trap heat. They add comfort along with the comfort of the fabric.

Talking about dark-colored linen shirts in summer, you can get them. Even if the fabric traps the heat from the sun, you won’t feel uncomfortable because the shirt will not stick to your body. You can use dark-colored linen shirts for the evening and formal occasions if you are not comfortable wearing them during the day.

Linen shirts are a good option for summers, So, undoubtedly, you should shop for them. 

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