Everything You Need To Know About Swim Trunks!

Everything You Need To Know About Swim Trunks!

Posted by europann on Apr 6th 2022

The sun is always shining somewhere whether the summer is around the corner or you have planned to explore tropical parts of the globe along with your social media boyfriend/girlfriend, you will always need a decent pair of trunks, be it printed swim trunks, plain swim trunks, short, above or below the knee swim trunks. Altogether, you are a grown man, and grown men require swim clothing (swim shorts, swim trunks) that can reflect a better taste, perfect fit, at par functionality, and the list goes on and on. Therefore, be ready to drop your pants and hear it out as we will run you through the various kinds of swim trunks and how you can style them nicely.

Swim Trunks Materials

Prior to getting into the kinds of swim trunks, it is important to know about the right swim shorts materials. To your knowledge, contemporary swim shorts/trunks commonly come in the form of polyester or a fancy variation, for example, quick-drying polyamide. These waterproofed materials make sure that the wearer is never weighed down in the water.

Swim Trunk Types

  • ØPlain Swim Trunks:Hopping on to the swim trunks patterns, it is vital as well as essential to talk about the tried and tested our very own plain colored variants. The safest choices for plain trunks are generally the ones that are too bright. Think black, navy, grey, and even darker tones of seersucker. On the off chance, if you are keen to get more attention, you can go with brighter yellow, red, green, or blue variants. Keeping in mind the plain nature of the swim trunks, you must play up the patterns up top to look a bit more character. Pair your shorts with striped tees or polos that aren’t in the same color.
  • ØPrinted Swim Trunks:Do you know what is considered as the canvas of the beach? Yeah, you are correct. It is a Printed swim trunk! Bumping into a pool of colors, designs, patterns, printed swim trunks are the best or sure-fire way to add a bit of character to your washboard abs. There is too much to mention, but be it photo print to silhouettes to motifs to the geometric pattern- the right, the appropriate pair is the pair that will display your personality, your taste. There are so many lengths available; printed swim trunks/shorts can be worn with anything such as tees, singlets, relaxed button shirts, etc. What you need to be careful of is- the shade clash between the top and bottom! For instance, if the trunks feature vibrant patterns or hues, it would be wise to keep the top plain. However, these trunks are best-worn topless, but if a top is needed, that’s the only rule to prevent you from looking like a walking Nat Geo winning photograph.

These were some vital points you better know before you head to bag a/pairs of printed or plain swim trunks. If you still need any assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to help.